Dry van

A dry van is a sort of semi-trailer that is completely encased to shield shipments from outside components. Intended to convey palletized, boxed or free cargo, dry vans aren't temperature-controlled (not at all like refrigerated "reefer" units) and can't convey larger than average shipments (in contrast to flatbed trailers).

Additionally called a "dry van trailer" or "box trailer," dry vans can be utilized for an assortment of not exactly truckload (LTL) or truckload shipment types. In the event that you've ever sent or gotten cargo, it's possible your merchandise went on a dry van.

Dry van measurements.

Dry vans arrive in an assortment of sizes:

53-foot trailers

The most widely recognized kinds of dry vans out and about, run of the mill measurements for these trailers are 53' x 8' 6" x 8' 6". They can oblige up 45,000 pounds of cargo and up to 26 standard bed positions over their floor space.

28-foot trailers

"Puppy" trailers are usually utilized for moving LTL shipments. Estimating 28' x 8' x 9', they can oblige as much as 22,500 pounds of cargo and 14 standard bed positions over their floor space.

Straight trucks

Straight trucks, likewise alluded to as box trucks, are normally utilized for city conveyances and frequently include a liftgate. Straight trucks arrive in an assortment of sizes, regularly estimating 24' x 8' x 8' 6").

Advantages of dry van dispatching.


Since they function admirably for moving buyer bundled merchandise, dry vans are the most often utilized hardware type. Items, for example, dress, furnishings and hardware are normally sent through dry van trailers, however, they additionally can be utilized to move apparatus and parts, durable nourishments and even family merchandise.


Probably the greatest favourable position of utilizing a dry van truck to move your cargo is the security it gives — on the grounds that the hardware is encased on all sides, shipments are protected from climate perils like high breezes, downpour or direct warmth. The walled-in area and capacity of the trailers to be bolted likewise give a layer of insurance against payload burglary.


Dry vans are promptly accessible from an assortment of transporters and don't need administration additional items or extraordinary activity, making them one of the most reasonable transportation alternatives.